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Born and raised in Arizona, I have been working in local food production, education, access, and advocacy for the better part of 12 years throughout the country. I am eager to be a part of the strong Phoenix effort to grow our local food economy. My favorite produce this season are the many varieties of heirloom melons!


Chandler resident, supporter of Cooperative movement. Phoenix Food Coop is a step towards answering long standing questions around the corporate farming and relationship between food and health.   


Domenico is an Arizona native who values the power of food to bring people together. He is passionate about reducing waste, being outdoors and watering his plants. His background is in marketing and journalism.


I’m a recently evacuated Peace Corps volunteer from Guinea, West Africa. After being evacuated, I joined the co-op and I work on grants and outreach. I have a passion for social change, so I’ve really enjoyed being part of a group that’s working to make locally sourced produce more accessible. I also am a fruit and vegetable lover and want to share that love with other people!


I have been helping the cooperative to explore sociocracy, which is a set of tools for more inclusive and efficient meetings, decision-making and organizing. I have a background in healthcare and an interest in community health in the broadest sense. We need more cooperation and cooperatives! The fresh mint from our store was glorious and we made it into mint lemonade.


I’m a junior at Colorado College who joined the co-op over the summer. I primarily work on the website and I have really enjoyed the cooperative model for making decisions. I love to cook so I was also very happy to have the chance to bring fresh, local food to more Phoenicians (myself included!).


As head of the Arizona Cooperative Initiative and the Arizona Community Land Trust, I work on creating economic models that support both human interaction and a healthy and thriving planet. And, yes, I have a fondness for wild blueberries!


Born and raised in the Valley, Ian's passion is bringing people together. His projects have worked to advance economic innovation and inclusion, environmental sustainability, and political representation. Ian currently works in community development.

¿Qué es una cooperativa?

Las cooperativas son empresas centradas en las personas, que pertenecen a sus miembros, quienes las controlan y dirigen para dar respuesta a las necesidades y ambiciones de carácter económico, social y cultural comunes.

Alianza Cooperativa Internacional

No somos como cadenas corporativas. Somos independientes y pertenecemos a los miembros de nuestra comunidad que compren de nosotros. Nosotros nos enfocamos en nuestra comunidad, no a las agencias corporativas.

La mayoría de las cooperativas (incluido nosotros!) siguen estos siete principios:
1. Membresía voluntaria y abierta
2. Control democrático de los miembros.
3. Participación económica de los miembros.
4. Autonomía e independencia.
5. Educación, capacitación e información.
6. Cooperación entre cooperativas.
7. Preocupación por la comunidad.

Aprende más sobre las cooperativas aqui.

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