Preferred Shares

Preferred shares are an investment tool the Phoenix Food Co-op uses to raise funds for immediate operational costs, and for future projects such as building a store.

Before purchasing a preferred share, review the two documents linked below, beginning with the offering memorandum. This document provides further information about the Co-op's business expenses, plans for the future, and other necessary information to consider before investing.

 The next important document is the subscription agreement. This document must be reviewed, filled out, and returned to the Co-op in order to complete your purchase of a preferred share. 

Carefully follow these steps to purchase preferred shares:

  1. Review the offering memorandum, linked above
  2. Review the subscription agreement, linked above
  3. Fill out and sign the subscription agreement
  4. Complete the form below. You will be asked to indicate if you are uploading a photo of, emailing, or mailing your completed subscription agreement. 
  5. Complete your purchase through our online store.

If you have questions about purchasing a preferred share, we invite you to email us at