Refund Policy

Unavailable Items

Because we place such a high priority on sourcing fresh local food, our supply of groceries wavers more than traditional supermarket chains. Our supply changes weakly due to weather , planting conditions, and seasonality. This means that items will occasionally become unavailable between ordering and pickup. We try our best to ensure this happens as infrequently as possible. However, if it happens, we will take note of what is missing and refund you the full-price of any/all missing items. Refunds for missing items will show up 1-3 days after the pickup date.

General Refund Policy

We will gladly issue a refund for items that become unavailable after you’ve placed an order. We can also issue a refund for your whole order if you wish to cancel. However, the deadline for requesting a total order refund is the Saturday after you place your order. Once we place our bulk order with Sun Produce (Saturday), it is too late to issue a refund.

You place an order on Thursday and want to refund it on Friday. Can be refunded

You place an order on Thursday and want to refund it on the following Monday
X Can not be refunded

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