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Together, let’s create a sustainable, community-focused food co-op in Phoenix.

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What Make the co-op unique

Accessible to All

We're committed to building a grocery experience that is accessible to all Phoenix residents regardless of income or location.


The food supply chain is long and broken and we want to shorten it by sourcing from local farmers.


Co-ops are a unique business model because they are owned by the people who shop and work in the store. Each member gets one share, and one vote.

About Us

We’re a dedicated group of neighbors passionate about building a stronger connection to the food we eat and fostering kinship in our community. Our mission is to bring a food co-op to Phoenix. We aim to make the co-op as inclusive, accessible, and uplifting as we can.

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Join Our Buyers Club to Get Exclusive Access to Farm Fresh Produce

While we may not have a store open yet, we can still sell produce. Join the buyers club to get access to the freshest local produce in town. Note this is only open to active volunteers at this time. Join our newsletter to learn first when we launch this to the broader community.

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