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SW Grilled Coffee

House Rock Signature Blend

House Rock Signature Blend

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The House Rock blend is SW Gilled Coffee's signature medium roast blend, combining the brown sugar sweetness of a Brazilian bean and the chocolate and orange notes of an organic Honduran bean to create a sweet, smooth, and extremely drinkable cup of coffee - the perfect partner to your morning breakfast or your afternoon snack. Named after one of their favorite valleys in Northern Arizona, they hope you find it as complex and smooth as the sandstone formations in its namesake valley. This is the coffee SW Grilled Coffee serves in their coffee trailer and works well as a drip coffee or for espresso.

75 cents from every bag is donated directly to the Grand Canyon Trust to help preserve the southwest.

Notes of brown sugar, chocolate, orange, caramel, apple and raisin.

Available in 12oz/340g bags. Whole Bean.

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